TMC-73M / RMC-73M

  • High efficiency 1/3” interline transfer CCD with micro lenses
  • NTSC (768H x 494V) format
  • Mini size, rugged construction
  • Shutter from 1/60 to 1/10,000 sec.
  • External adjustments for gain, gamma, AGC, and field-frame select
  • Low light sensitivity of 5 lux at f/1.4

--Note: This product is discontinued. Recommended replacement is TMC-773 or contact JAI to discuss other alternatives--

The TMC-73M is a super-miniature CCD color camera with outstanding color fidelity and high resolution for the most demanding color applications. Tiny and very robust, this camera is excellent for applications such as pipe inspection, machine vision, aircraft cameras, color recognition, surveillance, multimedia, and teleconferencing.

Also available in PAL (TMC-63M) format, the camera offers many features including VBS,Y/C or S-VHS output, automatic electronic exposure to eliminate auto-iris lenses, AGC on/off selection, and external gain and hue controls via serial data communication (optional). The high speed automatic or manual shutter selects from 1/60 sec. to 1/10,000 sec. White balance selection is between 3200°K and 5500°K. Low light sensitivity is 5 lux or less at f/1.4.

The state-of-the-art circuit board technology, in which four small boards are fully interconnected with flex-rigid links for ease of assembly and flexibility, offers shock and vibration resistance. Despite the TMC-73M's super mini size, many input/output pads are provided for OEM applications.

Dimensions (H x W x L): ø40 x 73 mm

PD-12 Power Supply
IR-cut filter
5 mm extension ring
Hirose 12-pin connector
TP-40 tripod mounting plate


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