TMC-4100CL / RMC-4100CL

  • 2048 x 2048 resolution @ 15 fps
  • Digital Camera Link dual-tap output and analog output (Ch. A only)
  • Image center partial scan (1000, 500, 250 lines)
  • Full-frame shutter to 1/16,000 sec.
  • Asynchronous reset, no-delay shutter
  • Automatic channel balancing

The TMC-4100CL and RMC-4100CL models have been discontinued. This product is superseded by the TMC-4200CL / RMC-4200CL.

The TMC-4100CL is a miniature, very high-resolution (4.2 megapixels) color progressive scan CCD camera with dual tap output and a frame rate of 15 fps at 2048 x 2048 resolution. Higher frame rates are possible using one of the camera’s image center partial scan modes. The TMC-4100CL features the latest Kodak KAI-4021 CCD imager (1.2” format) equipped with a Bayer CFA (color filter array), providing high quality output compatible with numerous color interpolation software programs. Full frame integration is supported for long exposures. 

The TMC-4100CL has a patent-pending, built-in look-up table (LUT) and automatic dual channel compensation. Camera parameters can be uploaded from the PC to the camera. Once these parameters are stored in EEPROMs, an instantaneous change from one setting to another can be done with a delay of a few frames in between.

Some of the functions that can be controlled by this interface are: manual async and pulse-width control shuttering; save, load and report settings; and channel auto balancing.

Dimensions (H x W x L): 51 x 51 x 74 mm

PD-12 Power Supply
Cam2Net adapter
IR-cut filter
5 mm extension ring
Hirose 12-pin connector



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