RM-1325CL / TM-1325CL

  • 1392(H) x 1040(V) @ 30 fps or 15 fps selectable
  • Full frame integration for long exposures
  • Image center partial scan (500, 250 lines)
  • Full-frame shutter to 1/16,000 sec.
  • Asynchronous reset, no-delay shutter
  • Near IR sensitivity and high gain CCD output


These camera models have been discontinued. Please contact JAI to discuss possible alternatives.

The RM-1325CL is a compact, high-resolution (1.4 megapixels) monochrome progressive scan CCD camera. The camera's 2/3" sensor (ICX285AL) offers a wide dynamic range with high sensitivity over both visible and near IR portions of the spectrum, making it well suited to applications involving widely varying light conditions, specialized targeting, or inspection of blemishes or defects not easily observed in the visible spectrum. The interline transfer CCD permits full vertical and horizontal resolution of high-speed shuttered images. The RM-1325CL has a selectable frame rate of 15 or 30 fps, and has a substrate drain-type shutter mechanism which provides a superb picture at various speeds without smearing.

The RM-1325CL has a patent-pending, built-in look-up table (LUT) and automatic dual channel compensation. This provides fast 10-bit to 8-bit pre-processing for effective image feature enhancement. The camera has both analog (multiplexed to single channel output) and Camera Link digital output for interfacing with frame grabbers.

A non-RoHS version of this camera with lead processing (TM-1325CL) is also available for quantity orders. Please contact JAI if this is a requirement. 

Dimensions (H x W x L): 44 x 44 x 63 mm

PD-12 Power Supply
Cam2Net adapter
IR-cut filter
5 mm extension ring
Hirose 12-pin connector 
TP-20 tripod mounting plate


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