Sweep SW-4000TL-PMCL - 4K Trilinear Line Scan Camera for industrial applications

 Sweep SW-4000M-PMCL - 4K Monochrome Line Scan Camera for industrial applications

 Sweep SW-8000M-PMCL - 8K Monochrome Line Scan Camera for industrial applications

High performance line scan for a wide range of applications
JAI's Sweep Series includes both monochrome and trilinear line scan cameras with line rates that are among the fastest available for their type and resolution. Utilizing custom-designed image sensors, these Sweep Series cameras offer outstanding image quality, advanced feature sets, and attractive pricing.

JAI trilinear line scan cameras:
The newest member of the Sweep Series is the SW-4000TL-PMCL. This 4K trilinear line scan camera delivers outstanding color line scan performance for applications that don't require the ultimate precision provided by the prism technology in JAI's Sweep+ Series.

The SW-4000TL-PMCL features a maximum line rate of 66 kHz for 24-bit RGB output, making it one of the fastest 3 x 4096 color line scan cameras on the market. Advanced spatial compensation and tilted view correction functions ensure high image quality, while support for direct connection to rotary encoders simplifies setup and enables automatic detection of scan direction.  

In addition, the SW-4000TL-PMCL is the only high-speed trilinear camera to offer support for both vertical and horizontal binning, as well as built-in color space conversions to HSI, CIEXYZ, sRGB, Adobe RGB, and custom RGB color gamuts.

Models are available with an M42 lens mount or a Nikon F-mount, and all models feature a GenICam and Gen-CP-compliant Mini Camera Link interface, with support for power over the interface or via the 12-pin connector.   

JAI monochrome line scan cameras:
For monochrome applications, JAI’s Sweep Series features 4K and 8K monochrome line scan cameras with line rates up to 200 kHz. 

The SW-4000M-PMCL and SW-8000M-PMCL are among the fastest monochrome line scan cameras in the industry.

The SW-4000M-PMCL features 4096 pixels per line and is capable of running at up to 200,000 lines per second. In addition, the SW-4000M-PMCL lets users select between a large well mode for maximum image quality when illumination is plentiful, or a small well mode for faster responsivity when lighting is limited or when the shortest possible shutter speeds are required.

The SW-8000M-PMCL doubles the line resolution to 8192 pixels while maintaining a fast, 100 kHz line rate for high throughput in demanding web applications. Like the SW-4000M-PMCL, it features a custom CMOS line sensor offering a 60 dB signal-to-noise ratio, flat shading correction, a 256-point look-up table, and more.

Both the SW-4000M-PMCL and SW-8000M-PMCL feature a compact 62 x 62 x 48 mm size and can be powered over Camera Link or via a 12-pin connector.

Whether it's maximum speed that you need, or the unique properties of user selectable pixel well sizes, JAI's Sweep Series has a monochrome line scan camera to fit your requirements.

The Sweep Series line scan cameras offer a competitive edge to system integrators and OEM companies developing line scan inspection systems to be used in the following areas:

  • Electronics component inspection
  • Wafer inspection
  • Raw material inspection (e.g. wood, food, minerals etc.)
  • Sports imaging (finish line)
  • Print inspection (monochrome or color)
  • Waste management
  • Web applications (paper, plastic, textiles, and more)

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SeriesCamera TypeModelStandardResolutionSensor SizeScan RateInterfaceLight SpectrumCell SizeSensor Name
SWEEPLine Scan, trilinearSW-4000TL-PMCL4096x3409630.72
65963Camera LinkVisible7.5 x
7.5 µm
SWEEPLine Scan, monochromeSW-4000M-PMCL1 line x 4096409630.72
200000Camera LinkVisible7.5 x
7.5 µm
SWEEPLine Scan, monochromeSW-8000M-PMCL1 line x 8192819230.72
100000Camera LinkVisible3.75 x
5.78 µm