• Industrial color CMOS line scan cameras based on beam splitter prism technology
  • 4 x 2048 pixels (R-G-B-NIR)
  • Large, sensitive 20 μm x 20 μm pixels
  • Large 400 μm² photon collection area and large quantum wells for high image quality
  • Scan rate up to 80,000 lines/s
  • CoaXPress Interface. Dual 6 Gbps CXP links (approved up to 3 Gbps)
  • Binning function for increased sensitivity
  • Normal and reversed output
  • Excellent sensor alignment accuracy
  • Color switch to link sensors to output channels
  • Selectable resolution with Regions of Interest (ROI)
  • Real time optical calibrations: Flat Field Correction (FFC), White Balance and Chromatic Aberration
  • Ethernet port for control, monitoring, updates and Telnet communications

  • Test pattern generation for interfacing

  • Nikon F-mount or JAI Direct Mount with JAI designed lenses
  • Supported by Windows user interface

Note: This product has been discontinued. Please consider the Sweep+ camera model LQ-201CL or LQ-401CL

Or please contact JAI to discuss other alternatives.

Sweep+ SW-2000Q-CXP2 is a 4-CMOS sensor RGB/NIR color line scan camera featuring 4 x 2048 pixels with CoaXPress interface.

SW-2000Q-CXP2 features - besides the R-G-B channels - a fourth imaging channel, making it capable of also capturing the NIR light spectrum simultaneously with the R-G-B light spectrums.

Based on a combination of JAI´s well-known prism technology, a specially optimized JAI lens and CMOS sensors with large 20 µm x 20 µm pixels, the Sweep+ SW-2000Q-CXP2 line scan camera delivers the best-of-breed in color reproduction, RGB color alignment, edge sharpness and signal-to-noise ratio.

The SW-2000Q-CXP2 camera can scan up to 80.000 lines/s, making it suitable for demanding line scan applications in industrial inspection.

The SW-2000Q-CXP2 camera delivers ultimate color imaging accuracy based on 4 overall factors…

1… JAI prism technology!
JAI´s own prism color technology provides full spatial resolution for each RGB band (through the same optical path) giving very precise color registration, the finest details, and improved edge sharpness.

2… Large 20 µm x 20 µm pixels on the sensors!
The cameras feature sensors with 400 µm2 pixel area to collect photons. A large photon collection area combined with large pixel quantum wells provide an excellent signal/noise level maximizing the image quality.

3… Special JAI lenses optimized for perfect “system” match!
The Sweep+ SW models are available with a special JAI lens designed to match perfectly with JAI’s prism-technology.

4… and the combination of the above three technologies!
By combining JAI’s prism-based technology with large 20 µm pixel sensors and a perfectly matched lens, the new Sweep+ cameras set a new standard for accuracy in industrial color line scan imaging.

Main features:

High signal/noise ratio for outstanding image quality:
The SW-2000Q-CXP2 camera delivers excellent signal/noise ratios (for outstanding color image quality) due to a large 400 µm2 light collection area and large pixel quantum wells (with as much as 360 ke- electrons).

20 µm x 20 µm pixels gives higher scan speeds:
The high sensitivity pixels make the Sweep SW-2000T-CXP2 capable of capturing an acceptable exposure at 4 times the speed of a camera with only 10 micron pixels.

Selectable resolution for flexibility:
The SW-2000Q-CXP2 features a selectable resolution making it possible to use as a 2048, 1024 or a 512 pixel camera or any other resolution from 2048 pixels down to 128 pixels (256 pixels with binning).

Two sensor operation modes:
SW-2000Q-CXP2 can run in two sensor modes – a higher dynamic range mode and a responsive mode. When set to the higher dynamic range mode the quantum well will be filled up with as many as 360k electrons, providing images with higher signal/noise ratios and higher dynamic range (better image contrast).

In some applications high image quality is not paramount and the need for strong light is therefore lower. However, to get brighter images with better image contrast also in situations with less light, the camera can be set to the responsive mode. In this mode, the camera is set to a smaller quantum well (60k electrons). This enables the well to fill faster under scarce lighting conditions and provides a higher response on the grey scale.

Individual settings of shutter time:
The shutter time for R, G, B and NIR can be set individually providing an opportunity to adjust the light collection amount for each individual color band, to refine selected image details. The shutter times are automatically aligned with each other to optimize spatial matching of all the channels in the direction of the movement.

Ethernet port for remote settings:
SW-2000Q-CXP2 is equipped with an Ethernet port for remote settings, firmware updates and retrieval of documents (manuals, etc.) from the camera. An internal web server in the camera makes embedded documents and firmware updates accessible via standard web browsers.

JAI lens technology for perfect match:
A special JAI lens is perfectly matched with JAI’s prims technology providing an even better image sharpness and image quality. Besides the JAI direct mount, the camera is also available with a normal F-mount.

No halo (image distortions) problems with JAI prism-based technology:
Halo effects, where the 3 colors are slightly mismatched in the final image occur to some extend in tri-linear color line scan technology especially if the inspected objects have undulations or changing orientation (e.g., rolling, wobbling during inspection). Sweep+ provides images without halo effects for excellent edge sharpness in image details.

Optical corrections:
A 2-point, pixel specific correction provides flat, uniform response and white balance.
Chromatic aberration is minimized by factory calibrated corrections.

The Sweep SW-2000Q-CXP2  is the ideal choice for system integrators and OEM companies developing line scan inspection systems to be used in a range of applications including: 

- Food inspection (e.g. frozen food, rice grains, coffee beans, peas, cereals, tea and tobacco).

- Fruit and vegetable sorting. Inspecting colors, ripeness, damages, signs of early decay and foreign objects (e.g. stones, leafs, etc.).

- 2D color print inspection - magazines and currency (currency: simultaneous inspection of color correctness, water marks and security features woven into the bank notes).

- 3D color print inspection (inspection of labels on cylindrical items like cans, bottles, pens, etc. or inspection of rotating/turning objects, where it is important to inspect all “angles” of an item.

- Web inspection (textile, paper, glass and film).

- Wood inspection (looking for wood structures like knots, grain and color to be able to make correct cuttings and sorting in different qualities).

- Paint coat applications (e.g. checking color correctness; that paint has been applied evenly on the car body and checking for a flawless surface).

- Inspection and sorting of waste at recycle station.

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