JAI SDK and control tool for vision applications

Although JAI's primary focus is on the development of cameras and other imaging hardware, JAI also provides a variety of software tools to support the operation of its cameras, the creation of vision applications, and the processing of vehicle images for various traffic systems. Specific software available from JAI includes:

JAI GigE Vision SDK and Control Tool - This is a fully GigE Vision and GenICam compliant software package that supports the quick and easy integration of JAI's GigE Vision cameras into imaging applications. It includes a vendor-independent control tool that can be used with any GigE Vision and GenICam compliant cameras, including both JAI and non-JAI products. This flexibility makes the JAI SDK and Control Tool ideal for testing and evaluating cameras, as well as for more robust application development. Read more about the JAI SDK and Control Tool or visit the download center for a no-cost download of the most recent software version.

Camera Link and other control tools - All of JAI's Camera Link cameras, as well as a majority of the analog cameras, also have software control. These camera control tools enable users to easily access the features of a particular camera either through a GUI or via RS-232C serial commands. Unlike the shared GigE Vision software, each Camera Link camera has a separate control tool which can be downloaded, free of charge, from the download center or directly via the individual camera product pages.

Traffic software - JAI traffic cameras are supported by a suite of application software for vehicle identification and image processing. The Vehicle Recognition Suite (VRS) includes an automated plate reader (ALPR/ANPR), patented vehicle matching software, and an image server application for managing and transmitting data files. More details about these products can be found in the software pages of the "Traffic cameras and subsystems" section of this website. JAI's EN series of traffic cameras also utilize various setup software and firmware for configuring the cameras. This software is available in the traffic section of the download center.

RM/TM-series GigE Vision software - Some older versions of JAI's RM and TM-series cameras, which carry model numbers beginning with RM, RMC, TM, or TMC, may have been configured to run the Pleora iPORT GigE firmware engine. This was typically used to provide backwards compatibility with GigE applications and environments developed before the final GigE Vision standards were ratified. Although the iPORT option is no longer sold by JAI, support for selected iPORT cameras can be accessed here. This includes documentation and software, including firmware upgraders/downgraders. 

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