RM-4200GE - KAI-4021 camera, 4 megapixel camera 
  • 1.2” progressive scan IT CCD imager (KAI-4021)
  • 2048 x 2048 resolution @ 15 fps, 7.4 μm square pixels
  • 12-bit linear output, or 8-bit/10-bit with LUT
  • GigE Vision interface
  • Image center preset and user-definable partial scan modes
  • Full-frame shutter to 1/16,000 sec.
  • Defective pixel compensation
  • PIV mode

The RM-4200GE will be discontinued on September 30, 2015. Last orders must be placed by this date. JAI recommends that this product is not considered for new design-in projects. Please contact JAI to hear about alternative products.

The RM-4200GE is a compact, very high-resolution (4.2 Megapixels) monochrome progressive scan CCD camera with a dual-tap front-end, automatic channel balancing, GigE Vision digital output, and a frame rate of 15 fps at 2048 x 2048 resolution. A single-tap mode at 8 fps is user selectable. The RM-4200GE features the latest Kodak KAI-4021 CCD imager for the best image quality and sensitivity.

The RM-4200GE provides 12-bit linear output, or can be set to generate 10-bit/8-bit images modifiable by a patent-pending, built-in look-up table (LUT). Other features include image center partial scanning (250, 500, or 1000 lines), user-definable variable partial scanning (any number of lines with any starting point), flexible 2X binning (horizontal, vertical, or both), defective pixel compensation, and a PIV mode.

The RM-4200GE is supported by JAI's easy-to-use SDK and Control Tool software, offering straightforward setup and full GigE Vision and GenICam compliance. The camera also integrates smoothly with a variety of third-party GigE Vision software libraries and development tools.

A Camera Link version of this camera is also available. Click here for more information.

Dimensions (H x W x L): 51 x 51 x 85 mm

PD-12 Power Supply
IR-cut filter
5 mm extension ring
Hirose 12-pin connector 
TP-20 tripod mounting plate 


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