Area scan (multi-sensor)

Prism-based multi-imager cameras with 2-CCD, 3-CCD, 3-CMOS and 4-CCD technology 

JAI is the foremost provider of prism-based camera technology for industrial imaging. These advanced designs enable two, three, or more sensors (CCD or CMOS) to be precisely aligned to a single optical path to deliver unique capabilities for machine vision, medical, scientific or other applications.

Leveraging proprietary designs, patented alignment techniques, and years of hands-on assembly experience, JAI’s multi-imager, prism-based area scan cameras provide both superior image fidelity and the durability to perform in a wide range of laboratory and industrial settings.

Unlike other companies which buy pre-assembled prisms, JAI’s deep involvement in the design and manufacture of these cameras also enables the company to offer various customization capabilities, such as custom filter coatings tailored to meet specific spectral requirements.

Read below for a brief description of the types of multi-imager products offered by JAI. Click on headings to be taken to a list of camera models.

   3-CCD and 3-CMOS  color area scan cameras
Dichroic coatings split incoming light into red, green, and blue wavelengths directed at three precisely-aligned CCDs. The result is color and spatial precision far surpassing traditional interpolated solutions based on Bayer color filters.
   2-CCD multi-spectral cameras
A 2-way dichroic prism enables users to simultaneously capture standard color images and NIR images of the same scene in a traditional area scan format.
   2-CCD high dynamic range cameras
Independent exposure control of two CCDs on a beam splitter prism produces fused images with up to 118 dB of dynamic range. Double-speed and three-shot PIV capabilities are also supported.


JAI also makes prism-based color line scan cameras

See color line scan pages for more information:


3-CCD and 3-CMOS color line scan cameras
These Sweep+ Series cameras split the incoming light to linear sensors for web-based or other continuous motion applications. Equipped with CCDs or CMOS sensors, these cameras offer significant advantages over dual-line or tri-linear solutions for color line scan applications.

   4-CCD, 4-CMOS color line scan cameras
A special 4-way prism provides separate R, G, B and NIR image information for color line scan applications. Available in different resolutions and speeds to fit various applications.

View the Bayer vs. 3-CCD movie 
View the multi-spectral video 

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