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JAI is committed to creating advanced solutions that address the needs of vision system designers across a wide range of industries and applications. With over 45 years in the business, we've accumulated a deep understanding of the market. Our engineers are constantly looking for innovative ways to apply their knowledge to the solving of difficult technological challenges.

This focus has resulted in a steady string of unique products and technologies for vision system development. For example, JAI's has the most extensive range of prism-block camera technology in the industry, including 2-CCD and 3-CCD area scan products, as well as 3-CCD, 3-CMOS, and 4-CCD line scan cameras. Our leading-edge work in this area has resulted in significant advantages for our customers and has earned the company a patent for equipment and procedures used to precisely align sensors with prism block assemblies.

More than a dozen other patents have also been awarded to JAI over the years, including most recently:

  • Resolution proportional digital zoom (RPDZ) - enabling high resolution cameras to be used in surveillance and situational awareness scenarios while maintaining a constant data bandwidth in both wide and narrow fields of view.
  • HOV lane enforcement - a wide ranging patent for technology and methods related to open-road tolling, especially in car pool lanes.
  • Modulated light triggering - a technological innovation that allows JAI traffic cameras to accurately self-trigger on passing vehicles, thus minimizing data bottlenecks in large traffic systems while also eliminating the need for ground loops, lasers, or other roadbed infrastructure.    

JAI's technological achievements have provided customers with advanced capabilities in the areas of auto-exposure control, high sensitivity imaging, gamma customization, PIV triggering and more. 

The links on the right provide information about the user benefits of some of JAI's advanced technology. Other technology discussions can be found in the Tech Notes listed under the Support section of this website.

To discuss specific patents or technology, please contact JAI. 

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