Area Scan Cameras

JAI industrial CCD/CMOS area scan cameras for machine vision, surveillance, life science and sports.

JAI offers a wide range of industrial area scan cameras to fit almost any vision application requirement. Our Spark, Go, and Elite Series include both CCD- and CMOS-based progressive scan cameras with resolutions ranging from 2 to 20-megapixels. Traditional interlaced cameras are also available.

JAI also has a unique assortment of prism-based cameras including 3CCD color models (Apex Series), and dual-sensor models configured for multi-spectral imaging or high dynamic range (Fusion Series).

Click on the boxes below to browse a specific area scan camera series or camera type, including cameras with sensitivity in the UV or NIR spectral ranges. 

You can also use the Camera Selection Guide to “filter” your way to the right JAI camera.

JAI offers area scan cameras with GigE Vision, USB3 Vision, Camera Link and CoaXPress interfaces on selected models.





APEX Series - 3CCD area scan cameras Fusion Series - 2CCD area scan cameras for multi-spectral and HDR imaging Go Series - Small industrial area scan cameras
Spark Series - Area scan cameras with high resolution and high frame rates JAI camera selection guide