• High resolution 1/2" HyperHad CCD (ICX429ALL)
  • Direct fiberoptic coupling of CCD to intensifier
  • Gen II, Gen III or Gen III “Ultra” intensifier
  • 752H x 582V (CCIR)
  • External CCD camera gain, gamma, AGC controls
  • Accepts external H, V sync; 12V DC
  • C-mount with backfocus adjustment

 -- IMPORTANT NOTICE -- The DN-006 has been discontinued. Contact JAI to discuss possible alternatives.

Robust construction, compact size, ease of use, and high quality images were the primary considerations behind the "006" design concept. JAI uses custom CCD imagers bonded to fiberoptic minifiers to achieve a size of 59 mm (H) x 49 mm (W) x 118 mm (L). The total volume of the "006" series is only 288 cubic centimeters (17.5 cubic inches) with a weight of just 395 grams (14oz.). Whether used for surveillance, remotely piloted vehicles or aircraft, industrial or medical imaging, the "006" mini intensifiers make small very low light cameras a practicality.

The "006" series comprises three basic models, designated as "F2", "F3" or "F3U" for Gen II, Gen III or Gen IIIU respectively. All versions feature an intensifier with a micro-channel plate (MCP) directly coupled via a fiberotpic minifier to a JAI TM-7EX 1/2" format CCD camera. All "DN" versions use fixed gain intensifiers which are designed for use in applications where little or no operator interface is required (such as RPV's, unmanned covert installations, etc.).

The "006" cameras are extremely easy to use. All versions use 12V DC power which inputs through a standard JAI 12-pin connector located on the rear of the camera. One-inch format auto iris lenses with a f1200 or greater aperture (highly recommended in applications where exposure to bright light conditions is likely) are controlled by a 6-pin auto iris I/O connector also located in the rear of the camera. AGC (on/off) and Gamma (.45 or 1.0) for the CCD camera are switch-selectable on the rear control panel; a manual control for the CCD camera gain adjustment is also located with the other controls.

All "006" ICCD cameras use 1" format C-mount lenses; auto iris lenses are mandatory when bright light conditions are encountered. A back-focus adjustment is built into the front end of all versions. The 1/4-20 tripod mounting plate may be located on the top or bottom of the camera.


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