CV-L108CL 3CCD RGB industrial line scan camera 
  • 3CCD color line scan
  • Dichroic RGB beam splitter prism with 3 sensors
  • 3 x 512 pixels in each color band (14 μm x 14 μm)
  • Scan rate up to 70922 lines per second at 40 MHz pixel clock
  • Edge pre-select and pulse width trigger modes
  • One-push auto white balance
  • Two point flat-field and shading correction
  • Knee and binning functions for extended dynamic
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Nikon F-mount or P-mount
  • Camera Link interface

Important Note: This product has been discontinued. Contact JAI to discuss alternative line scan options.

The CV-L108CL is a 3CCD, prism based RGB color line scan camera that targets industrial inspection applications.

The CV-L108CL is designed for high speed applications. It can be used for print verification, surface quality inspection, food/fruit sorting and other similar applications.

The CV-L108CL has 3 x 512 pixels in each color band. It operates with 40 MHz pixel frequency, which results in a scan rate up to 70922 lines per second.

The camera delivers 24 bit (base configuration) or 30 bit (medium configuration) digital RGB output via a standard Camera Link interface.

It features flat-field (two point) correction, shading correction, several trigger modes, and individual exposure on R, B and G channels.

The camera comes standard with a Nikon F-mount lens adapter, but can also be equipped with an optional factory installed P-mount (M42x1).
Dimensions (HxWxL): 90mm x 90mm x 90 mm

View the color line scan movie 

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