AT-030MCL - 3CCD line scan camera 
  • Apex series
  • 0,3 megapixel 3CCD RGB color camera
  • 1/3” progressive scan
    659 (h) x 494 (v) active pixels per color channel
  • World's fastest - 120 frames per second at full resolution
  • 436 frames per second with 659 (h) x 60(v) pixels (1/8 partial scan)
  • 7.4 µm square pixels
  • Based on prism-block technology for supreme image fidelity
  • 8-bit RGB output via single port Camera Link. 10-bit or 12-bit via dual port
  • Individually controllable exposure for R, G, & B channels
  • Ideal for applications requiring fast speed with high quality color data: Pharmaceutical inspection, print inspect, PCB inspection and more
  • Excelllent price/performance ratio

The AT-030MCL is a 0,3 megapixel 3-CCD color progressive scan camera for fast industrial inspection applications (up to 120 frames/s with full resolution) where there is a need to inspect even the most subtle color variations on the inspected items.

The camera is equipped with JAI’s advanced prism-block technology supporting three 1/3-inch CCDs providing higher color image fidelity and better spatial resolutions than cameras based on traditional Bayer color interpolation techniques.

With its built-in 3-CCD technology the AT-030MCL captures a specific red, green and blue color value for each pixel providing some of the most precise color output available in the market.

The AT-030CML is targeted at applications requiring a combination of moderate (VGA) resolution, fast frame rates, and precise color data reproduction. It is particularly well-suited to the pharmaceutical industry where there is a need for high precision inspection of color tablets at high conveyer belt speeds.

Besides pharmaceutical applications, the AT-030MCL is also relevant in print inspection, LED diode inspection, PCB inspection and other high speed inspection applications, where there is a need to reject items with even very subtle color variations.

The three ICX424AL CCD sensors deliver 659 (h) x 494 (v) pixels of resolution per channel and the camera operates at 120 frames per second at full resolution. With the use of partial scan and binning modes the camera can be set to operate at even higher frame rates. For example with 1/8 partial scan 659 (h) x 60(v) pixels the camera delivers 422 frames/second.

A wide range of pre-set options and programmable shutter and exposure modes for each of the R, G, and B channels are provided to support diverse application requirements.

Dual Camera Link interfaces let users choose between 8, 10, or 12-bit output per channel using a Camera Link base or medium configuration, as required. With full 36-bit RGB color output possible, no progressive scan 3CCD camera offers higher color fidelity.

Application examples:

Pharmaceutical inspection: To optimize quality, safety and production line efficiency as well as minimizing recall costs, pharmaceutical companies must today apply machine vision systems in their production systems - both in bulk inspection and single line inspection.

The AT-030MCL is the ideal camera for a wide range of pharmaceutical production line inspection applications. Among these are color verification of mixed powders, completeness and precise color check of coatings on pills/tablets, verification of blister pack content, as well as validation of various color label information/bar codes on medicine bottles and medicine packs to verify that they correspond to defined production specifications.

The AT-030MCL industrial camera is ideal for blister pack inspection in pharmaceutical
Blister pack inspection: Today, it is quite common for pharmaceutical companies to outsource manufacturing and packaging. These manufacturing/packaging facilities are running a large variety of products with frequent line changes. This increases the risk of cross-contamination with other pills, having similar shape and color appearance. 

JAI's AT-030MCL is the ideal camera for blister pack inspection at fast conveyer belt speeds. Inspection includes broken tablets, foreign tablets, missing tablet and/or color defects. With the AT-030MCL’s very precise color detection, even subtle color variations can be identified and rejected before final packaging, avoiding the mixing of any pills or tablets from previous production runs.

Bulk pill inspection: To prevent material loss, many pharmaceutical production facilities perform bulk inspection of pills prior to the packaging process in blister packages. With multiple cameras the bulk flow of pills can be visually inspected on all sides and any broken or wrong colored pills/tablets can be rejected before packaging. With the AT-030MCL’s advanced 3-CCD color detection technology even subtle color variations can be detected.

Medicine ampoule inspection: Ampoules can be inspected for correct fill level, foreign particles and color correctness of the content.

Print inspection: The AT-030MCL is ideal in print applications where there is a need to look at “fixed spots” to control that the color is 100% in accordance with specifications. Examples are individual inspection of bank notes or random check of printed material like magazines.

Other Applications: As the AT-030MCL has a very precise color detection, the camera is also very suitable for medical devices with color labels, LED diode inspection, PCB inspection and other applications where there is a need to have very precise inspection of colors.

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