• High resolution fiber-coupled CCD (ICX422AL)
  • Gen III or Gen III Ultra intensifier
  • Full automatic gating control and automatic intensifier gain control
  • Manual or external gate control
  • Synchronous to frame or field timing
  • Fast gating (100 ns)
  • Dynamic range 10E-4 to 50,000 lux at f=1.4

 -- IMPORTANT NOTICE -- The AG-5745EF has been discontinued. Contact JAI to discuss possible alternatives.

The AG-5745EF (Gen II intensifier) and the AG-5745EF-3 (Gen III intensifier) are high resolution, fully automatic gated intensified CCD cameras with a 2/3" sensor format and RS-170 (EIA) output. These cameras are well suited for military, aerospace, remotely piloted vehicles, underwater observation, mobile surveillance and scientific applications.

The gate speed is continuously controlled from 60 Hz (field mode) or 30 Hz (frame mode) to 100 ns maximum speed. The dynamic range, typically 10-4 lux to 50,000 lux (1:5000,000,000), has a smooth fast response. The internal CCD camera automatic gain control function offers optimum picture quality. Overall TV resolution is 350 lines with excellent contrast due to the refined signal processing of the TM-745E. The AG-series cameras have variable enhancement for higher definition (factory setting at Min. level). Switches provide for manual and external gating control while also allowing the gate pulse output to be monitored.


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