AB-1600GE - KAI-16000 16 megapixel industrial camera 

16 megapixel CCD camera in C3 Advanced series

  • C3 Advanced series
  • 16 megapixel
    industrial camera
  • Progressive scan CCD with Bayer color output
  • 4872 (h) x 3248 (v) active pixels
  • 7.4 μm square pixels
  • 43.3 mm diagonal sensor (35 mm film size) 
  • 3 frames/second with full resolution
  • User programmable partial scan modes 
  • Pre-processing functions inside the camera
  • GigE Vision interface
  • Excellent thermal management for high image quality
  • Shock & vibration testing for real-world environments



Note - This product has been discontinued. Please contact JAI to hear about alternative products.

The AB-1600GE is one of the flagship cameras of the C3 Advanced series. It incorporates the Kodak KAI-16000 dual-tap sensor to deliver full 4872 x 3248 pixel resolution at 3 frames per second. The 16 megapixel industrial camera provides raw Bayer color output for host-based interpolation, and features a GigE Vision interface offering user-selectable 8-bit, 10-bit, or 12-bit output.

A series of pre-processing functions are built into the camera to achieve high image quality while offloading these tasks from the user’s host PC. Available functions include a built-in blemish compensation function and automatic channel balancing.

A unique feature of AB-1600GE is its sequence trigger mode, which allows the user to pre-select a combination of gain, offset and Region of Interest (ROI) that can be changed on-the-fly.

Along with these features, the 16-megapixel camera receives the same extensive shock and vibration testing as lower resolution models to maximize its ability to withstand the rigors of industrial environments (70 G shock, 10 G vibration – 20Hz to 200 Hz XYZ). The camera also features a specialized internal heat sink and a ridged housing design which combine to produce exceptional thermal management and low noise image fidelity.

Core applications for the AB-1600GE include flat panel LCD inspection, solar panel inspection, PCB inspection, 3D metrology, biometrics, and microscopy, among others. The camera is also suitable for numerous high-end outdoor uses including surveillance, aerial imaging, and homeland security applications.

The AB-1600GE can be ordered with either P-mount or F-mount lens mounts. Custom lens mount designs are also possible for large quantity orders.

Dimensions (HxWxL): 55 x 55 x 120 mm.

A Camera Link version of this camera is also available. Click here for more information.

PD-12U series power supply
2-meter power cable
MP-41 tripod mounting plate
Hirose 12-pin connector

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