JAI presents its prism-based technologies at Vision China Shanghai 2017

JAI has announced its plans to showcase innovative cameras at Vision China Shanghai 2017, the No.1 machine vision show in China, at Shanghai New International Expo Hall N2 on March 14-16, 2017.  If you are planning to attend the show, be sure to visit the JAI stand #2306 to see and learn about the variety of new JAI cameras on display.

You will see JAI’s whole product line at JAI’s booth. There will be two live color camera demos, which will demonstrate JAI’s prism-based technologies both in Area Scan and Line Scan cameras.
There will also be a monochrome camera demo with a 20-megapixel CMOS camera, providing an exceptional combination of resolution, speed, and image quality; horizontal and vertical binning; plus excellent NIR response.

Many other JAI products will be on display, with JAI experts on hand to answer questions and to discuss specific applications. Show hours are daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (to 4:00 PM for the last day) in Hall N2 of Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

Live Demonstrations at JAI booth #2306

Prism-based 4-CMOS color line scan camera
Sweep+ Series LQ-401CL
To show outstanding high quality and perfectly aligned line scan images independently of the viewing angle to the inspected object, independently of variations on conveyer belt speed, and independently of whether objects have a wavy or curved texture. 

  • The LQ-401CL camera features a beam splitter prism with hard dichroic coatings and four prism-mounted pixel-to-pixel aligned CMOS sensors providing simultaneous separate imaging of red, green, and blue, plus near-infrared (NIR) light data. 
  • This combined RGB/NIR camera technology makes it possible to identify an even wider set of defects on inspected objects. 
  • The high performance CMOS sensors output 4K (4096 pixels) line resolution at 18,252 lines per second, while maintaining image quality at a signal-to-noise ratio of 55 dB or higher.  
  • Prism-based 3-CCD color area scan camera
    Apex Series AT-200GE
    With its high image quality, the camera is well suited for a wide range of inspection applications within the printing industry, electronics & semiconductor manufacturing as well as for biomedical screening/classification.

  • The AT-200GE takes 3CCD color technology to the next level. A newly developed prism-block assembly supports three 1/1.8-inch CCDs to provide higher resolution and better light gathering ability than earlier 3CCD camera models.
  • The AT-200GE operates at 15 frames per second at full resolution, with partial scan and binning modes available for even higher frame rates. A wide range of pre-set and programmable shutter and exposure modes are provided to support diverse application requirements. 
  • Exposure can be controlled individually for each color channel to enable color balancing without noisy gain adjustments. Built-in pre-sets are provided for calibrating the camera with sRGB or Adobe RGB color spaces.
  • 20-megapixel 1CMOS area scan camera
    Spark Series
    Built around the CMOSIS CMV20000 imager, these Spark Series cameras offer full frame resolution of 5120 x 3840 pixels at a remarkable 30 frames per second, providing an exceptional combination of resolution, speed, and image quality.

  • The combination of speed and resolution makes them ideal for examining flat panel displays, printed circuit boards, and many other applications where detailed inspections are required across a wide area.
  • The monochrome model (SP-20000M-CXP2) offers horizontal and vertical binning plus excellent NIR response
  • The color model (SP-20000C-CXP2) is also available, providing raw Bayer output at 30 fps, or 24-bit interpolated RGB output at up to 15 fps.
  • The Spark SP-20000 cameras are well-suited to persistent surveillance, border security, aerial mapping, and other outdoor applications, thanks to such features as automatic level control (ALC) linking shutter and gain for best exposures under changing light conditions; and an optional high dynamic range mode in monochrome models. 
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