JAI at Automate Show in Chicago

April 3rd marks the start of the 2017 Automate Show in Chicago, Illinois USA, where JAI will be demonstrating some of its latest camera offerings, including both area scan and line scan models.

Three new models will be shown in the company’s Go Series of small and durable industrial cameras, which are ideal for robotics, UAVs, and many other applications. The GO-2400-USB, offering 2.35 megapixels at 159 fps over USB3 Vision and the GO-5101-PMCL, delivering 5.1 megapixels at 35.6 fps over a Camera Link interface, will be officially launched on the opening day of the show and will be part of multi-camera Go Series demonstration. Also included will be a preview of the GO-5100-USB, a 5.1-megapixel, 74 fps USB3 Vision camera that is scheduled for launch in the next 45 days. All of these new Go Series models feature low-noise Sony PregiusTM CMOS imagers for excellent image quality and dynamic range.

Line scan users can see a demonstration of JAI’s new Sweep SW-4000M-PMCL monochrome line scan camera, which offers 4K resolution, line rates up to 200 kHz, and a unique sensor design with two user-selectable pixel well sizes for accommodating different levels of available lighting. An 8K, 100 kHz model, and several prism-based color models will also be displayed.

Visitors wishing to see the new JAI cameras or wanting to discuss their specific application needs can visit JAI at Booth 2432 in the North Hall of the McCormick Place convention center.