JAI Vision 2014 Update

JAI at Vision 2014 show in Stuttgart 

JAI Vision 2014 Update:  

JAI had a fantastic show with many booth visitors during the 3 days in Stuttgart. JAI would like to thank all visitors coming to JAI's booth to lear more about our new industrial cameras.

At Vision 2014 JAI introduced a new industrial camera family under the name “Go Series”. The new Go Series are small, fast and versatile area scan cameras at a low price point.

Also, JAI launched new monochrome line scan cameras in the new Sweep Series (With the product name SW-2000M) featuring cameras with fast scan rates and extra-large sensor pixels.

The new JAI Go Series:
The new camera models in the Go Series - named GO-5000 - are built around a 5-megapixel CMOS imager and feature a small form factor (29 mm x 29 mm x 41.5 mm) and a weight of only 46 grams – making them among the smallest and lightest entry-level cameras available at this resolution.

The cameras are available with either a Power over Mini Camera Link interface, USB3 Vision interface or Power over GigE Vision interface.

GO-5000-PMCL (Power over Camera Link Interface)
Available now!

GO-5000-USB (USB 3 Vision Interface)
Available November 2014

GO-5000-PGE (GigE Vision Interface)
Available from 15th November 2014

Despite their small stature they are versatile in their feature-set. The GO-5000 cameras deliver full 5-megapixel output (2560 x 2048 pixels) at up to 107 frames per second in the Power-over-Mini-Camera-Link model.

The cameras’ combination of 5 micron square pixels and versatile ROI capabilities enable them to be easily configured to meet a wide range of customer requirements for resolution, speed, and optical formats. They can provide high-speed 1080p HD video and can also operate as a VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) at a frame rate of nearly 450 fps, depending on the interface.

The GO-5000 cameras are built around a 5-megapixel CMOS
imager and feature a small form factor (29 mm x 29 mm x 41.5 mm)
and a weight of only 46 grams – making them among the smallest
and lightest entry-level cameras available at this resolution.

Other features include Auto Level Control, and a combination of analog and digital gain controls to reduce the amount of quantized noise in low-light images compared to conventional CMOS cameras offering digital gain functions alone.

More information on the new Go Series

The new JAI Sweep Series:
Sweep is a new JAI series of industrial monochrome line scan cameras that combine high scan rates with extra-large high sensitivity pixels requiring less scene light than conventional line scan cameras to produce quality images. The first model in the new Sweep Series, SW-2000M-CL-80, features 2048 pixel resolution, 20 µm x 20 µm large pixels, and delivers scan rates up to 80,000 lines/second.

New JAI monochrome line scan camera. See it at Vision 2014 - stand 1F52

With a 400 µm² photon collection area and a large quantum well capacity, these new line scan cameras provide an excellent signal/noise ratio, maximizing the image quality even in line scan applications where providing enough scene light is difficult due to the physical constraints or limitations in light budget.

The high sensitivity pixels make the Sweep SW-2000M capable of capturing an acceptable exposure at 4 times the speed of a camera with only 10-micron pixels, providing system integrators an opportunity to scale down their investment in expensive lighting solutions.

More information on the new Sweep Series

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Lear more about the new JAI cameras. Watch the movies:

Watch movie about the advantages of the new Sweep SW-2000 monochrome line scan camera
Sweep SW-2000M
Watch movie about the advantages of JAI's new Sweep SW-2000M monochrome line scan camera.

Watch movie on JAI´s Spark SP-5000 5 megapixel CMOS camera
Spark SP-5000
Watch movie on the new Spark SP-5000 5 megapixel high performance industrial camera.

Watch movie on Viscam 1000 all-in-one traffic camera for tolling, speed enforcement and red light enforcement
Traffic Vision - Viscam 1000
Watch movie on the new Viscam 1000 all-in-one traffic camera for tolling and enforcement.