JAI at Intertraffic Istanbul 25-27 May, 2011


JAI attended Intertraffic Istanbul from 25-27 May 2011 together with our Turkish partner Vistek ISRA Vision. Below you can read more about the traffic cameras displayed.

JAI at Intertraffic Istanbul showing a range of cameras for traffic imaging

On demonstration was a range of traffic cameras including the VISCAM All-In-One Series (VISCAM AIO), a new family of configurable, high performance imaging systems suitable for a wide range of traffic applications.

The first two systems – the VISCAM-500 AIO and the VISCAM-350 AIO – were developed by combining technology from JAI’s previously-launched IIT (In-Image Triggering) all-in-one module with technology from the company’s proven VISCAM family of multi-component imaging subsystems.   

VISCAM AIO systems incorporate a high quality JAI traffic camera, calibrated lens, patented IR-trigger technology, light sensor, LED illumination, image processing module, and network interface into a single weatherproof housing designed for easy installation and maintenance.

The PowerPC processing module can be equipped with ALPR/ANPR software and/or JAI’s patented visual matching software designed to maximize automated read rates and reduce the amount of manual review required.

One of the systems’ most innovative elements is the newly-patented JAI IR-trigger module, which uses modulated IR light reflected off the vehicle plate to create a “virtual trigger line” that ensures consistent capture of vehicle images as they pass through the camera’s field of view.

Triggered image capture is a fundamental principle of JAI traffic imaging systems. It avoids issues associated with free-running cameras, which can create data bottlenecks due to the number of images being captured and lower read rates due to inconsistent positioning of vehicles within the image area.

The IR-triggering capability enables the VISCAM AIO systems to be quickly deployed for a wide range of applications without the need for ground loops, laser detectors, or other lane controller infrastructure costs.

However, the systems also incorporate JAI’s proven EN-series architecture, enabling them to be easily interfaced to existing lane controllers, if desired.

Other JAI cameras on display
JAI also showed a range of other JAI develop cameras especially suitable for traffic imaging and installation in high quality ITS systems:

AB-800CL - read more
4/3" progressive scan CCD. 8 megapixel (3296  x 2472 pixels).

BM-500GE - read more
2/3" progressive scan CCD. 5 megapixel (2456 x 2058 pixels).

CM-200GE - read more
1/1.8" progressive scan CCD. 2 megapixel (1624 x 1236 pixels) 

BM-141GE - read more
2/3" progressive scan CCD. 1392 x 1080 pixels 

AD-080GE - read more
1/3" progressive scan CCD x 2. (1024 x 768 pixels) 

JAI Traffic Cameras

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JAI new VISCAM AIO traffic camera

At Intertraffic Istanbul, JAI  demonstrated VISCAM AIO, a new family of configurable, high performance all-in-one imaging systems suitable for a wide range of traffic applications.
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