Speed enforcement

JAI CCD cameras for speed enforcement 

Camera sub-systems and software for speed enforcement

Traffic authorities are increasingly using speed enforcement systems to change people's driving behavior and reduce the number of accidents and casualties. JAI supplies camera sub-systems and software for vehicle identification in spot speed and average speed enforcement systems.

Speed enforcement can be made via spot speed or average speed measurements. Spot speed enforcement is the traditional way of reducing the number of accidents in a specific urban area using camera technology located at the curb.
Spot speed enforcement has the following benefits:

• Can be used in urban areas
• Fits easily into the environment
• Dramatically reduces casualties and injuries

JAI’s average speed measurements systems are more advanced and measure the average speed of a vehicle over a distance of e.g. 2 miles using advanced digital camera technology and vehicle identification software calculations. The average speed method is typically used on motorways or local roads where there is a need to control longer distances and stretches of road.
JAI's average speed enforcement system provides the following benefits:

• Fits easily on existing motorway infrastructure (using existing gantry)
• High accuracy and performance using electronic “fingerprint” and matching software technology
• Covers longer distances

JAI helps traffic management integrators and traffic authorities all over the world to achieve their speed enforcement scheme objectives. The majority of JAI's partners are industry-leading companies using the latest digital traffic enforcement technology.

JAI is providing digital building blocks and parts to speed enforcement system suppliers and integrators who include JAI components as part of their whole solution.

The JAI vehicle identification solution includes in-house developed cameras, patented light sensors, flash systems, electronics and a software package that combines license plate reading (LPR) and “fingerprint” match technology. JAI’s system delivers the highest performance and image accuracy in the industry.

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