Congestion charging

JAI cameras for congestion charging / road pricing 

Road pricing is a generic term for charging the users of a specific section of the road network for its use. Examples include traditional methods using toll booths such as turnpikes and toll roads, as well as more modern schemes employing electronic toll collection.

Congestion charging systems are without doubt the future of city billing systems, implemented to reduce the number of vehicles, and ensuring that those using the valuable and congested road space make a financial contribution. It also encourages the population to opt for public transportation rather than use private cars, making journey times quicker and more reliable for those who have to use the roads. It all benefits the environment.

Congestion charging systems provide the community with the following benefits:

• Fair system where road users make a contribution to road maintenance
• Less pollution
• Less road congestion
• Quicker journey times

JAI is the leading manufacturer of video enforcement systems for road pricing and congestion charging schemes. JAI has delivered systems to traffic authorities worldwide and the systems, based on the latest camera technology, are among the most accurate and best-performing systems in the industry.

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