Bus lane enforcement

JAI cameras for bus lane enforcement 

Traffic congestion causes unpredictably prolonged bus journey times, making the service unreliable and delayed.

In many cities, bus lanes have been installed to make bus travel faster and more reliable. However, due to inconsiderate drivers blocking bus lanes, the potential benefits of bus lanes are not fully realized.

The objective is to encourage passengers to travel by bus instead of driving their own car, by further optimizing the advantages of bus lanes.

In co-operation with Transport for London, JAI has developed a bus lane enforcement system using bus-mounted cameras that operate automatically. Today, 400 bus lane enforcement systems are installed in buses with daily operation in central London, helping to deliver a more reliable and reduced journey time.
The JAI cameras are built into the London buses and record twin images onto a video. One image is a close-up of the rear license plate of vehicles in the bus lane, while the other records the surrounding traffic conditions in the bus lane and the adjacent lane. The cameras thus identify both the offenders and possible mitigating circumstances that could be taken into consideration.

The bus-mounted cameras operate while the bus is in operation and covers the entire route. This is an advantage compared to fixed traffic cameras since, over time, road users recognize where these fixed enforcement spots are located along the route.

Furthermore, bus-mounted enforcement cameras have greater public acceptance than fixed spot cameras because it is evident that a car in the bus lane is delaying a busload of people. Fixed spot cameras on the other hand will capture pictures of offenders in the bus lane even if there is no bus in the lane at that particular moment.

The total bus lane enforcement project in London has proven very successful by providing: 

  • Improvement in bus reliability 
  • Reduction in journey time in a London-wide area scheme

JAI also provides technology for bus lane enforcement in terms of Digital CCTV enforcement systems (StreetWatch II), which is widely used in the UK.

StreetWatch is a system that can fully integrate with a city’s existing CCTV network, enabling it to not only operate as a video detection system for bus lane offences but also to provide surveillance of streets and roadways.

StreetWatch can also be integrated with JAI’s Ticket Express traffic enforcement software. The digital StreetWatch is approved under the provisional guidance to bus lane enforcement issued November 2005.

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