Surface quality inspection

JAI Industrial CCD/CMOS cameras for web inspection (metal, wood, plastic, paper + more) 

JAI CCD/CMOS cameras for web and surface quality inpsection:
JAI supplies industrial cameras for complete vision systems dedicated in-line production inspection of surfaces on continuous flat form products like textile, paper, sheet metal, plastics, films and wood.

Via machine vision inspection it is possible to continuously monitor the production process on-line at critical locations to verify that surface texture quality conforms to defined manufacturing norms and specifications.

Manufacturers are thus able to avoid defective products ending up on the finished rolls, as even the smallest deviation or defect can cause the product to fail its intended use.

Furthermore the cost of identifying and removing defective products once they have been wound onto the finished roll can be high and will reduce production yields.

Surface quality inspection is applied in numerous applications ranging from looking for tears and other anomalies in paper production to detecting bubbles, runs and streaks on coated products.

Other popular surface quality inspection applications are found in textile and ceramic tile production where imaging technology is applied to look for pattern and color deviations, and in the steel industry inspecting sheet metal for e.g. roll marks, scratches, stains and edge cracks.

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Case Stories:

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