JAI CCD/CMOS cameras for optical recycling systems 

JAI CCD/CMOS cameras for the recycling industry:
Faced with rapid year-over-year increases in the world’s population and resource consumption, the incentive to build effective recycling systems is stronger than ever before.

The recycling industry has long been interested in implementing automated optical systems that allow for the efficient separation of different kinds of glass and metals.

Now the industry is also seeking to optimize the recycling of different kinds of polymer plastic, motivated not only by economic factors, but also for environmental reasons. Since plastic is not normally biodegradable, there is a great desire to re-use different kinds of plastic, so it does not end up in nature and, in particular, in the oceans where plastic waste has become a huge problem.

One of the key factors in the recycling industry is the ability to efficiently separate materials into the “same kinds,” such as glass with the same color nuance and metals or plastic with “alike” chemical compounds.

The melting down of this carefully sorted waste material results in “cleaner” raw materials that are more useful for re-introduction into the production of new products. One of the ways to obtain better separation of waste is to use automated sorting systems based on advanced vision techniques.

JAI’s industrial line scan cameras (Sweep+ Series and Wave Series) are in high demand in automated recycling vision systems due to high reliability/durability, supreme color recognition and the ability to image both near infrared (NIR) and short wave infrared (SWIR) light. JAI´s Sweep+ Series and Wave Series introduce new possibilities in optimizing the efficiency and yields in waste sorting.

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