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JAI ccd/cmos cameras for food inspection 

Food inspection with JAI's industrial CCD and CMOS cameras:
In the interest of consumer health and safety, the food and beverage industry relies on 100% defect and contamination free bottles, jars and cans in automated filling lines.

At production rates in excess of 70,000 containers per hour, a human operator could not fulfill this task. JAI high speed cameras are the perfect eyes for such an automated inspection system.

In the beverage industry, JAI cameras are applied in a range of applications looking for imperfections throughout the entire bottling production process.

The most popular applications includes inspection for defective bottles to be rejected before entering the production line, sorting of bottles/crates in correct sizes and variants, hygiene inspection, fill level inspection, label inspection and control of bottle cap placement onto a product after the filling stage.

In the food industry JAI cameras are used for sorting fruit and vegetables in correct grading, quality and portions on conveyer belts. Inspection for foreign objects is also among the most popular applications. JAI’s 3 CCD line scan cameras are ideal for sorting nuts, coffee beans and rice tumbling in free air past the camera until they reach the reject nozzles.

Application examples:

Bulk inspection of spinach, lettuces, rice etc:

The color, size and shape of spinach can be inspected using the RGB channels (visual light), while foreign objects like soil and signs of early decay are more clearly seen with the channel detecting near-infrared light (right image). (JAI camera: Fusion AD-130GE).

Inspection of buscuits and bread:
The color, size, cracks, bake degree etc. of biscuits can be inspected using the RGB channel, while other invisible defects (here a wet spot) are seen using the NIR channel. (JAI camera: Fusion AD-080GE)

Inspection of beans:
Bulk bean inspection using JAI 4-CCD line scan camera
JAI's 4-CCD inspection camera can help to locate unwanted objects when food items are inspected in a continuous flow on a conveyer belt. This example looks at inspection of beans to locate unwanted foreign object. Foreign objects are clearly seen in the NIR light image. Foreign objects with lighter color tones (in this case a  yellow pebble) are better disclosed via the visible light RGB channels.

Inspection of tea:
JAI 4-CCD multi-spectral line scan camera used for tea inspection
The color and quality of tea leafs are inspected using the LQ-200LT line scan camera’s RGB channels, while foreign objects among the tea leafs are better identified via the NIR channel.

More information
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Case stories:

Inspection & sorting of eggs

Inspection of beer crates

Putting the 3CCD color line scan camera to use

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