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JAI industrial CCD/CMOS cameras for electronics and semiconductor inspection 

JAI CCD/CMOS cameras for inspection of electronics and semiconductors:
The electronics industry is continuously faced with demands for products containing more and more applications in still smaller physical dimensions.

In many hi-tech products like mobile phones, hearing aids, computers and micro systems, printed circuit boards are becoming increasingly complex with an increasing number of components integrated onto each board.

To ensure consistent assembly quality of electronic products and semiconductors, machine vision technology is today applied in all stages of the manufacturing process.

JAI’s precision camera technology provides high quality images in connection with e.g. inspection of bare boards (verification of circuit layouts/patterns/drill-holes and coatings), ball grid array inspection, component positioning, solder paste quality, dimensional accuracy and pick & place applications.

Vision applications for semiconductor manufacturing includes wafer probing, wafer dicing, lead frame inspection, die bonding and wire bonding.

Vision technology is also used for assembly verification and part inspection of all kinds of mechanical components during the manufacturing process all to way to the finished product.

Besides leading to improved and consistent product quality, JAI’s camera technology helps to increase efficiency on the production line by rejecting faulty components before too much value is added to the product down the production line. This minimizes waste and creates higher production yields which again gives manufacturers the required competitive edge in their industry.

JAI cameras have a long-standing track record in the electronics and semiconductor industries.

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Case stories:

Identification of assembly defects on PCBs (PDF file)

Identifying defective fluorescent glass tubes (PDF file)

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