JAI CCD/CMOS cameras for automotive inspection 

JAI industrial CCD/CMOS cameras for automotive inspection:
The automotive industry is a quality critical industry. Vision technology is applied not only by car manufacturers directly on the assembly line, but also by car component sub-suppliers specializing in quality production of e.g. brake systems, gearboxes, catalytic converters, tires, airbags and other critical car components.

JAI’s camera technology delivers high quality images used in a wide range of applications in assembly, process verification and gauging as well as robot guidance. Typical examples include on-line inspection of critical dimensions, assembly gaps/angles, reading of data matrix codes, flaw detection, welding quality and spray finishes.

Our camera technology is also applied in the design process of cars in connection with testing and verification of aerodynamic efficiency in wind tunnels and for strain/stress testing of body sheet metal and other vital car parts.

Application example: Ford paint spray inspection system
Ford´s “dirt detection system” is an automated optical inspection system designed to ensure optimal paint and surface quality on the finished car bodies. The system uses high-resolution cameras from JAI to digitally identify surface imperfections finer than a grain of salt in final vehicle assembly, and to cue operators where to polish and buff out imperfections.  
By using this optical dirt detection technology, Ford improved paint quality and reduced customer complaints of vehicle surface finish by 82 percent within one year.

Watch video from Ford's assembly line, to see the dirt detection system in action.

JAI cameras used in Ford's optical inspection system to check paint spray finish

Ford’s dirt detection technology takes microscopic scans of each painted vehicle surface, and then cues final assembly operators to address repairs where necessary. In the past, paint and surface inspections were based on human-eye examination.

JAI cameras used in Ford's optical inspection system to check paint spray finish
JAI cameras in action in Ford's spray finish quality inspection system

The 3D imaging system applies varying degrees and angles of light while scoping the paint surface of vehicle bodies to identify dirt in paint and other irregular paint conditions. High-resolution images from JAI cameras (3,150 images are captured in 15 seconds for every vehicle made) are stitched together for a full 3D image that is digitally compared to a perfect computer model.

 “This system ensures better paint jobs and surface finishes for Ford customers around the world,” said Tom Dougan, project manager, global paint applications at Ford.

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